He’s only miserable on the outside…

Yesterday I was watching Wimbledon. Andy Murray was playing some French guy (perhaps he was German, or Swiss, I am just assuming he was French because he lost. The French always lose; don’t believe me? Just ask Napoleon.) Anyway, after Murray had thrashed his opponent in the match, he moped off, and started his obligatory post match interview… And man did he looked miserable. You never would have guessed he had won three sets to none. He looked like he had just lost.

So, I headed straight on to the interweb to see if I could discover why Andy is so miserable. 

Here is what I discovered:

Andy Murray says that he is not as grouchy as his so often smile-free face might suggest.

The Wimbledon champion has earned a somewhat unfortunate reputation for being miserly during his career, but he argues that he’s much jauntier now he has some successes under his belt.

“Me winning helps with people writing nicer articles,” he said

OK so I stand corrected, perhaps that was Andy’s happy face…


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