Happy Birthday motherland!

Being a Canadian in the United Kingdom on Canada Day isn’t easy. I don’t get a day off work, and for the most part the British don’t understand celebrating anything. I mean with the exception of the Scottish who celebrate Robert Burns for reasons I don’t understand, nobody in this country celebrates anything about Britain. Certainly there are days dedicated to England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, but nobody really celebrates them, we don’t get a day off work and mostly they go unnoticed. Heck, here in England, it is so bad to be proud of the country you were born in, that if fly the flag or celebrate St George’s day, you are considered a racist.

In Canada however, for the most part, for one day a year, everyone in Canada flies the flag, drinks quality beer and sings O’Canada. Some crazy people and children even paint the Maple Leaf on their faces.

But what is it that Canada has to celebrate?

Quite a bit actually, but I don’t want to tire your eyes reading my ramblings so instead I present this video I was sent earlier today on Facebook.

… And now that I have cleared this silliness up I shall head off and guzzle down some maple syrup, eat some poutine, and watch hockey clips on YouTube.

Happy Canada Day!



One thought on “Happy Birthday motherland!

  1. It’s funny because I feel like we celebrate so quietly compared to the Americans who celebrate the Fourth of July. Interesting to know that Britain doesn’t celebrate in the same way we do. Well, happy belated Canada Day from across the pond!


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