‘Drug dealers only’ parking space highlights London crime

What do you when the drug dealers have taken over your neighbourhood and the police don’t appear to be doing anything about it? Start a vigilante crime squad? Give up and move? Or hire a team of street artists?

Read all about how an East London community is fighting their own personal war on drugs in a unique way.

‘Drug dealers only’ parking space highlights London crime – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-45557730


Tunes for a Tuesday: True Meanings

The Modfather is back with another musical offering, and he has set aside his electric guitar, grabbed his acoustic and put together a collection of mellow musings on life.

Weller’s 40-odd-year career and ever-changing moods have taken him from the Jam to the Style Council to solo, via punky R&B, funk, soul and house to the genre-shifting experimentalism of the last decade. His gentler acoustic side surfaced as long ago as 1978’s English Rose, but he’s never done an album in that mould, as he does here. The voice, guitar and subtly orchestrated arrangements recall Nick Drake’s work with Robert Kirby, or Weller’s own Above the Clouds. On turning 60, the reluctant nostalgist finally allows time for some reflection, with a set of dreamily autumnal, wistful, even melancholy songs. The humbling Glide finds him passing “through a portal to my youth” to “see the memories unfold”, while the delicately, T Rex-ily soulful Mayfly glances backward and urges: “Let me feel the same way.” Wishing Well distantly echoes Neil Young’s Old Man. Old Castles and Bowie ponder change, self-doubt and mortality. Guests from Lucy Rose to, predictably, Noel Gallagher (unpredictably, on harmonium) can’t clutter songs full of space and air.
Read the full review on the Guardian music website

Whe you add all the numbers up humanity loses


Seventeen years ago today the 9/11 attacks occurred in New York and the “war on terror” began. It was a dark day for the history of the world and it kicked off a dark period for humanity.


The attack on America claimed nearly 3000, but changed the millions around the globe.

$5 600 000 000 000

That is how much the so-called War on Terror has cost. Imagine if you can how many lives could have been improved if that money was spent trying to repair the world instead of trying to destroy it.


The latest estimates are that 31,000 people have been killed since 9/11 during the US-led war on terror.

…And the winner is?


Humanity is the biggest loser here. It’s lost tremendous wealth, thousands of people and the world is no safer, or perhaps even less safe than before the 9/11 attacks.

So the moral of the story is . . .

Actually there are two morals here. Firstly, terrorism doesn’t work! Sure there were some lives lost, and some damage done, but the USA and the majority of the world is basically the same as it was before. The buildings are being rebuilt, the damage is being fixed. No advantage gained by the terrorists.

The second moral to this sordid tale; you cannot end terrorism using war tactics. Certainly you can kill terrorists, and slow them down, but terrorism continues because for every person that you kill, you give another a reason to hate you enough to commit an act of terrorism. It’s always gonna be a lose/lose situation. Violence only results in violence.